Public Testing of Meta2150s on Testnet is coming!

5 min readDec 7, 2022

🤖The public testing is finally here, come and accomplish tasks to get rewards!

Participate in the public testing and finish the tasks to get the NFT used to stake in a specific pool. Rewards vary from the staking rewards obtained on the testnet at the end of the public testing.

⏰Time: December 7th, 2022 — January 7th, 2023


📋Tasks are as follows:

  • Buy NFT
  • Sell/List NFT
  • Stake NFT
  • Unstake
  • Harvest
  • Bug report

Note: All transactions can be traced through the interaction with our smart contract on chain.


For all participants:

1. A special NFT used for genesis mining!

2. The special NFT will also be able to mine governance tokens in the future!

For testnet staking rewards between 500 and 5,000 $MST(Mitest)

1️⃣Quantum Force NFT, used to generate $Mitcoin, the platform utility token

For testnet staking rewards between 5,000 and 20,000 $MST(Mitest)

2️⃣Land NFT

For testnet staking rewards above 20,000 $MST(Mitest)

3️⃣Hyper quantum force NFT, used to generate $Mitcoin with the power far exceeding quantum force

Here is the tutorial on how to participate in public testing:

🔗Get BNB faucet

🔗Get SOL faucet


Step 1 Connect Wallet and select the chain

Note: Phantom is not supported on the testnet due to some technical compatibility problem.

Step 2 Click Marketplace on the Navigation Bar to buy some NFT

# For NFTs from Meta2150s:

  • Click the first collection to enter our own marketplace (Need to connect Solana Chain)
  • Select the item you want to buy
  • Click buy and confirm in your wallet
  • Go the “Equipment” and choose the NFT to take a look at the order book. Go to the “SELL” section to list your NFT.
  • You can cancel your sell order here or in your wallet profile
  • Check this article for buy-land guidance

# For other NFTs:

  • Browse the collection
  • Select the one you want to buy
  • Click buy and confirm in your wallet
  • You can list your NFT in your wallet here

Step 3 Stake your NFT

  • Click Staking on the navigation bar and select the area
  • Select the pool you want to join (If you connected the Solana Chain, only the pools available for Solana NFTs will be displayed. The same as BNB Chain.)
  • You can see your in-wallet NFTs here
  • Select the ones you want to stake
  • Click stake and confirm in your wallet
  • You can check your staked NFTs here
  • Feel free to unstake and stake your NFTs anytime

Step 4 Harvest rewards

  • You can harvest the rewards in a single pool or you can harvest all

Note: Some pools might have a locking period on harvesting

  • Land revenues will be available for the claim only when the pool is closed.

🤖What are you waiting for? Come and join us!

About Meta2150s

Meta2150s is a multi-chain platform that aggregates GameFi, NFT, marketplaces, and guilds.

The ultimate goal of Meta2150s is to bring together guilds, games, marketplaces and game enthusiasts on the same platform, dedicated to improving current problems in Gamefi, such as island effect, eco fragmentation, lack of liquidity, and low exposure for some games.

With the release of the game Metabot2150 in the future, Meta2150s platform will introduce more game-like user experiences.

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