Partner Announcement: Meta2150s x AAPT

2 min readNov 3, 2022


We are thrilled to announce our partnership with AAPT, a cross-chain DEX aggregator on Aptos. Meta2150s is ongoing the internal testing marketplace and staking function and the integration of Aptos is under development. We look forward to furthering collaboration with AAPT! 🥳

😜To celebrate our partnership, we are hosting an event and AAPT is gonna give out 20 wl of their NFT.

NFT utilities:
A. Early access to AAPT IDO
B. Discount on our products
C. Early access to Yield Farming
D. Other privileges


Time: Nov 3rd 10AM UTC — Nov 5th 10AM UTC

About AAPT

AAPT is a cross-chain DEX aggregator for decentralized protocols on Aptos, enabling the most seamless, efficient, and protected operations in DeFi, born to bring together liquidity from both DeFi and CeFi (swaps, order book DEXes, OTC, etc.) for multi chains.

AAPT community-driven DeFi project aims to be the fastest and most comprehensive DeFi aggregator in the marketplace. AAPT is based on a unique DID system aggregate GameFi, NFT, DeFi, etc to create a credit system and bring precision and high-value users to other projects.

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About Meta2150s

Meta2150s is a multi-chain platform that aggregates GameFi, NFT, marketplaces, and guilds.

The ultimate goal of Meta2150s is to bring together guilds, games, marketplaces, and game enthusiasts on the same platform, dedicated to improving current problems in Gamefi, such as the island effect, eco fragmentation, lack of liquidity, and low exposure for some games.

With the release of the game Metabot2150 in the future, Meta2150s platform will introduce more gamified user experiences.

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Multi-chain platform for GameFi, NFT, Guilds and Game enthusiasts