Metabot2150 Official Website Launch

The official website for metabot2150 is launched. We are going to celebrate with our community by providing 10,000 worth of $SYP tokens as Airdrop to our active members. stay tuned and visit our Telegram for more updates.

We’re happy to announce that we’re about to release our first round of NFT — land plots soon. You’re eligible to get whitelist opportunity by joining our whitelist event, which will be held in upcoming 2 weeks!


Some features on the website

*Note: The prices and available supplies shown in the images are not quite accurate. The real prices will be announced in the future.


The lands of Metabot2150 are based on real world Map. The number of genesis lands that will be released will be 210 lands all over the world.

Crustal Plate

You can see the detail of each crustal plate on the map — Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Oceania, Antarctica, Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Atlantic Ocean.

Land Details

Land details include countries and cities. For example, you can choose London, Hongkong and New York. Also, you can get information such as land level, owner, type, and the number of available plots.

From the for-sale button, you can see which cities are available for sale.

The market list is used for buying/selling lands, and you will be guided to the Map to complete your transaction.

The land sales will start in about two weeks. Most lands will be available on our main website, and some rare ones will be auctioned.



In the marketplace, you can buy/sell NFTs.

Detailed Page

You can look up the detailed information of the NFT from the product page.

Make sure you’ve connected with your wallet before you start to buy and sell in the marketplace.

The marketplace pages are not available at this moment, but they will be shown like the pages above.

About Metabot2150

Metabot2150 is the first GameFi and LandFi project on Solana that integrates mining, simulation, PVE, PVP, and sociality. Players have multiple gameplays to make profits in the game. They can either act as Quantum Force owners/sellers or energy suppliers & labor lessors or via Win To Earn mechanism.

This story revolves around metabots, high-performance robots and Mitcoin, which was accidentally generated from a hard fork when developing the program of metabot.

With high-quality graphics and a smooth gaming experience, players can experience the fun of earning profits, simulation, fighting, and socializing in the game.

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Multi-chain platform for GameFi, NFT, Guilds and Game enthusiasts