Meta2150s progress review in 2022

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Happy New Year!

The market in 2022 was affected by many black swan events which collapsed the trust in CeFi and increase public awareness of the importance of decentralization and transparency.

Let’s review what Meta2150s has done in 2022 and the roadmap for 2023.

👨‍💻 Project

  • Finished pre-seed round, backup by NGC Ventures, BlockWall, Taureon Capital, SkyVision Capital.
  • Launched the Website and iterated a version of V2 to improve the processing speed

Website link:

  • Launched 210 land genesis sale and sold out
  • Integrated 0xGen to provide the best swap price and the lowest slippage among 400 dexs on 18 chains
  • Launched on Solana Devnet and BNB Chain Testnet and started our public testing.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Partners

We’re thrilled to have so many new partners join Meta2150s in 2022. You all have helped us make 2022 a successful year. We are thrilled to move forward with you in 2023 and welcome many new successes!

  • TaskOnis a Web3 Task Collaboration Platform.
  • Port3 Network is a one-stop platform to create, utilize and evolve your Web3 identity.
  • The Harvest Game is a third-person shooter with MOBA and Battle Royale elements.
  • MetaLine is a multichain Metaverse SLG SIM Strategy Sailing game connecting both web2 and web3 users.
  • AAPT, is the Best Cross-Chain Aggregator on Aptos.
  • Trantor is a Unified Web3 Portal Promoting Interconnectivity among communities and brands through Empowered Decentralized Identities.
  • Ookeenga is a 3D Realtime Strategy, Tower Defense, Collectible Card Game.
  • Wanaka Farm is a multiplayer NFT blockchain-based game where you can “Play, Relax and Earn”.
  • Sentre is the DApp Store for All Things Solana.
  • Collectify is the multichain no-code NFT OS offering.
  • Tap Fantasy is an MMORPG blockchain game.
  • 0xGen is the ultimate-liquidity aggregator trading platform.
  • Multiverse Play is Building A Decentralized Intelligent Web3 X-To-Earn Scheduling & Asset Management Platform

📅 Community and Events

In 2022, not only did we participate in a lot of big joint events, but we also launched many great events to give back to our users and grow our community, thanks to everyone who participated, such as…

  • Meta2150s Public Testing on testnet is officially live, 2.8k users have participated in the test so far
  • Meta2150s & 0xGen co-hosted a raffle, there are 5k+ users who participated in it.
  • Meta2150s held a campaign together with Spark era, BigTime, Illuvium Simplified Club, Haunted Space, Galaxy Arena, and Thetan Arena to explore the metaverse, there are 6k+ users who participated in it.
  • Meta2150s held a WL event to celebrate our partnership with Galxe.

We also did a lot of AMAs in 2022 and we not only grew our community but also gained many new partners. We will work with them to bring you more exciting events in 2023!

📝 Future Plans in 2023

The big plans in 2023 are NFT public sale, Launch marketplace, game store and staking on Solana Mainnet and BNB Chain Mainnet and Collaborate with more GameFi projects and NFT projects.

2023 Q1

  • Public sale on Solana and BNB Chain
  • Marketplace and Game store launch
  • Staking launch
  • Listing partners

2023 Q2

  • Introduce account system
  • More staking pools
  • Integrate Polygon
  • More listings
  • Multi-chain NFT staking

2023 Q3

  • More token utilities
  • Partner with more GameFi projects and guilds

2023 Q4

  • Event platforms for projects to host giveaways, raffles and quiz
  • Reward system
  • Leaderboard
  • Integrate more chains

About Meta2150s

Meta2150s is a multi-chain platform that aggregates GameFi, NFT, marketplaces, and guilds.

The ultimate goal of Meta2150s is to bring together guilds, games, marketplaces and game enthusiasts on the same platform, dedicated to improving current problems in Gamefi, such as island effect, eco fragmentation, lack of liquidity, and low exposure for some games.

With the release of the game Metabot2150 in the future, Meta2150s platform will introduce more game-like user experiences.

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