How to list your NFTs on Meta2150s

2 min readMar 8


This is the tutorial about Meta2150s’ NFT marketplace, here you can connect your in-game NFT assets to Meta2150s and list them to the according NFT market. In order to do all these, please follow the steps below. Here is an example of how to list Meta2150s’ Quantum Force NFT on BSC market.

Step 1: Connect wallet to Meta2150s, choose BNB chain

We support Metamask, Binance, OKX and Fox Wallet in this section.

Step 2: Go to Manage Wallet page, find your NFT assets

All NFT assets from our game store will be recognised automatically.

Step 3: Set the selling price for your NFT, click “List Now”

A small amount of transaction fee would be applied in this process.

Afterwards, your NFT will appear at Meta2150s’ NFT marketplace, available for other players to buy.

About Meta2150s

Meta2150s is a multi-chain platform that aggregates GameFi, NFT, marketplaces, and guilds.

The ultimate goal of Meta2150s is to bring together guilds, games, marketplaces and game enthusiasts on the same platform, dedicated to improving current problems in Gamefi, such as the island effect, eco fragmentation, lack of liquidity, and low exposure for some games.

With the release of the game Metabot2150 in the future, Meta2150s platform will introduce more game-like user experiences.

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