AMA Recap with MVP Guild (April 3rd)

Host: Hello and welcome to MVG Guild, Marvin.

Host: nice to have you here with us today. How are you today?

Marvin: I’m good. How are you?

Host: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Marvin: Sure!

1. Host: Can you give us a brief overview of what MetaBot2150 is all about?

Thank you, Karl. Hey guys, this is Marvin, from Metabot2150 team.

Q: MetaBot2150 is a gamefi and landfi project on Solana that integrates mining, simulation, PVE, PVP, and sociality in P2E model. The story takes place in 2150, an era of automation when Metabots, a robot with high performance replaced most jobs. So people have embarked on a journey with their metabot to explore its secret.

Players have multiple ways to earn in the game. They can either act as Quantum Force owners/sellers or energy suppliers & labor lessors. Players can use Quantum Forces to generate in-game currency, which we call Mitcoin.

Talking about Metabot, the main character in the game. They can work as labor for energy facilities, or work as explorers/fighters searching wildness areas to get more resources. Players can upgrade, disassemble and fuse the metabots. Also, not just Metabot is the NFT in the game. There are many other NFTs players who can participate in auctions or buy & sell in the secondary market, such as land plots, buildings, and Quantum Forces.

This story revolves around metabots, high-performance robots and Mitcoin, which was accidentally generated from a hard fork when developing the program of metabot.

With high-quality graphics and a smooth gaming experience, players can experience the fun of earning profits, simulation, fighting, and socializing in the game.

2. Host: Great! There are a lot of basic public chains on the NFT track, why did MetaBot2150 choose to develop on the Solana chain.

Good question!

Q: Indeed, there are a lot of basic public chains options for the GameFi project to build. The key point when Metabot2150 chose Solana chain is about what could bring the best experience and value to our community,

Lower transaction fees is the main reason why we choose Solana chain for our project. It’s unnecessary for traders to compete or bid to get their transactions confirmed so the gas fee of Solana is low. Low transaction fees make Solana the ideal platform to develop scalable NFT marketplaces when processing a large number of transactions per second than many other mainstream blockchain platforms. As known, there are many NFTs in Metabot2150 such as land plots, buildings, Quantum forces, and metabots, which requires efficiency and low transaction fees.

Talking about developer experience, it is pretty developer-friendly. Solana has launched Wormhole, a secure, decentralized bridge connecting Ethereum to Solana. Wormhole allows projects to move their tokens smoothly across blockchains without teams rewriting their code. If we’re planning to develop metabot2150 on cross-chain, it helps to transfer in-game NFT assets with trading in different chains.

The next key factor I’m gonna talk about is its high-speed transaction. Right now, many other blockchains, Ethereum included, couldn’t handle the high TPS needed for payment and transaction. Visa, for example, might need to deal with millions of transactions per second, far exceeding all blockchains. The most approaching one is Solana, which is extremely fast and efficient with its TPS up to about 60,000 so that the transactions will be fast in-game for players to trade.

3. Host: The next questions are tough as we will discuss the “core” of MetaBot2150. Are you ready? You mentioned Gamefi above, what are your thoughts on GameFi?

Sure! Gamefi is pretty hot these years.

Q: It combines the features of Defi, games, and NFT to generate passive revenue in game. Also, Gamefi Dapps allow players full control of in-game assets, making it easy for users to use them in different ways. This is why Metabot2150 provides the “Play to Earn” & “Win to Earn.” concepts. It combines traditional game attributes with blockchain characteristics so that every player can both enjoy the game experience and get the income of their work.

The most obvious benefit offered by GameFi is to earn profits and generate revenue through gaming crypto tokens. The game-based economic model, which involves blockchain and cryptocurrencies, enables users to earn money simply by having access to the internet. Blockchain-based games can also offer new employment opportunities, thus tackling the unemployment problem and existing economic challenges.

GameFi also offers increased investment potential. Currently, interest in crypto games is at its highest ever level, so investors have begun to seize opportunities in this field. No wonder many game studios are continually developing new play-to-earn games.

Previously in-game assets were restricted to centralized protocols only, which prevented players from trading their digital assets outside the platform. The play-to-earn model, by contrast, allows users to own all their game assets even when the server is turned off. The blockchain stores data on who owns which item, which means that the players own the assets and not the game developers.

4. Host: Next question. What are the differences and advantages of MetaBot2150 compared to similar GameFi applications?

Yes, Metabot2150 is totally different from other similar GameFi applications.

Q: There are many ways to profit in the game, players can act as Quantum Force owners, energy suppliers, Quantum Force sellers, labor lessors, etc. Each profession will have different main incomes. Also, we have PVP mode, entrance fees are required before the PVP battle begins. The winners can take all the prizes after the battle. In the quarterly competition, the top group of players will be rewarded. Thirdly, two battle modes in the game. Players can explore the wildness areas to fight with monsters and collect unique NFTs or fight with players in the arena to get NFT rewards.

Additionally, multiple gameplay is the “core” of MetaBot2150. Quantum Force Owners need to hire metabots to generate Mitcoin, which can be sold as their main income; Energy suppliers need to build energy factories and hire metabots to generate water and electricity, which energy suppliers will sell as their income; Quantum force sellers need to build up parts manufactories to produce quantum force parts, which they sell as their income. For labor lessors, they can buy labor or build NFTs and lease them to other players to earn rent. If you want to be a fighter, you can make profits by PVP or get NFTs in PVE and sell them as your income.

As a game player, you have too many choices in-game to earn the rewards even if you don’t own any NFT in the game.

5. Host: Can you briefly tell us what other plans or activities you plan to implement next?

We’re going to have couple of important milestones to achieve in the upcoming 3 months!

Q. During quarter 1, we already talked to some launchpads and marketplaces that the First round of NFT selling is planned to be available at the end of April I believe. Also, we’ve updated our 2nd version of the website, which includes market place and map. Thirdly, we’ve revised the details of the modeling of scenes, characters, and buildings.

Talking about the plan for Quarter 2, fundraising will be available in May for the private round. NFT marketplace will be created and Genesis NFT selling will be released so that people can trade in the secondary market. Also, We will kick off the governance token (MBTT) IDO. Regarding the In-game content, the token generation mechanism, and Fighting mechanism, PVE & PVP will be determined.

Live Question

6. Host: Good evening, Marvin! What’s the measurement you guys will take if you’re facing some hacking problem of in-game assets?

That’s a good question!

When the game launches, the default in-game item is centralized. But players can withdraw the in-game NFTs to their own wallet address, and they can manage their in-game assets by themselves.

Regarding the in-game currency, they are locked up in the smart contract, which can only be generated. Also, for the governance token, Metabot Token is locked up in the contract. When there is a request for withdrawing a token, it needs multiple signatures from the wallet address.

Hope that answers your question.

7. Host: How can you sustain the value of the in-game token in a long term?

Yes, inflation of in-game currency is the main problem that most gamefi projects will face.

Q.The inflation in the game causes a lot of problems. The main problem we face is the latecomer disadvantage. when latecomers start to play the game, the in-game items become more and more expensive. So they take much more time to get the item than those who play the game in the early stage.

Well, there are multiple ways that we can handle the impact of inflation.

Incremental Mechanics can be one of the solutions. As the player progresses through the game, they are able to build increasingly generous taps, which gives them a feeling of accomplishment. However, the cost to build the next level of tap also scales. For example, we know that metabot can be upgraded. The 1st upgrade can be really cheap. But if you want to upgrade twice or more, it cost much more in-game currency. Does that make sense?

The other solution that comes to mind is New Currency Crafting. Introducing a new premium currency is another popular option for combating inflation. As we mentioned before, in the future, we will introduce a new feature — unions where players can play or fight together. At the same time, the new in-game currency will be introduced, too. When players play or fight together against other unions of players, they will be rewarded the prizes based on the currency.

Hope that makes sense to you.

8. Host: What’s the motivation for starting this project?

Good question!

Q.Last year, as NFT is widely known and its most extensive application scenario is games, besides artworks. So many GameFi projects were launched. They are a combination of gaming, Defi, and NFTs.

This idea is novel and visionary but we found many players played games just to make money in the short term, which we think is contrary to the original intention of games.

So we want to build a game that can attract users in long term with an in-game economic model and rich gameplays.

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with the play-to-earn model but we think it should only be an incentive for players to play the game, not the final goal of playing a game. We think playing games shouldn’t be a speculative behavior but an enjoyment of quality time.

With these points of view, we started building MetaBot2150. With high-quality graphics and a smooth gaming experience, we hope players can experience the fun of earning profits, simulation, fighting, and socializing in the game.

Host: Thank you for your answer, Marvin.

Host: It was a pleasure having you here.

Marvin: Stay tuned for more updates in the future. If you guys have any questions, please go to and join our telegram/discord channel for further information.

Host: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for Metabot2150.

About MVP Guild

MVP collaborates closely with GameFi Studio established by Micheal Yue, former Co-Founder of Giant interactive Group. His GameFi project has won support from Kucoin, etc.

MVP also has other gaming resources: Tencent/NewEase/2K GAMES/WarFrame…etc

MVP has built a P2E guild with 40k+users in Southeast Asia, and has established collaboration with 1,000+KOL influencers around the world. MVP is a Web 3.0 Project, will be bigger than YGG+DAO-Maker+Animoca.

MVP is dedicated to building non-technical infrastructure and a DAO collection in GameFi, capable of attracting and converting the 1bn global real players.

Twitter | Discord | Website | Medium

About Metabot2150

Metabot2150 is a game that integrates mining, simulation, PVE, PVP, and sociality. Players have multiple ways to earn in the game, as a mine owner, as a producer, as a labor lessor, or via win to earn mechanism.

This story revolves around metabots, high-performance robots and Mitcoin, which was accidentally generated from a hard fork when developing the program of metabot.

With high-quality graphics and a smooth gaming experience, players can experience the fun of earning profits, simulation, fighting, and socializing in the game.

Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Website




A Triple-A game that integrates mining, simulation, PVE, PVP and sociality in P2E model.

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A Triple-A game that integrates mining, simulation, PVE, PVP and sociality in P2E model.

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